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What is a lightbox

A Lightbox is a facility which you can use to save images that have caught your eye while searching our site. Your lightbox (or lightboxes if you have created Multiple Lightboxes) is unique to you and no-one else can view it unless you send them your login details.

Note: You are under no obligation to purchase images which you have added to your lightbox(es).

Images added to a lightbox will remain there until you delete them or you delete the lightbox. So you can safely leave our site and come back another day and your lightbox(es) will still be there - perfect for when you are working on a project over a number of days or longer.


How to add images to your Lightbox

If you see an image you like while searching, add it to your Lightbox in one of the following ways: 

- From the search results page, click on the  add to lightbox link which will add the image to your active lightbox.
- From the pop-up window displaying the enlarged image click on the  add to lightbox link  which will add the image to your active lightbox.

Active Lightbox

At the top-left of your search results page, you will see your Active Lightbox displayed along with the number of images it contains. When you click the add to lightbox link beneath the thumbnail image on the search results page or on the enlarged preview image, it will be added to this Lightbox.

If you wish to add images to another lightbox, select the required lightbox prior to clicking the  add to lightbox link. Alternatively, you can create a new lightbox to add images to, using the link shown.


Multiple Lightboxes

There maybe times when you'd like to add images to different lightboxes, perhaps for different projects you are working on, different subjects within a project or for different clients.

You are able to create new lightboxes and then add images to each lightbox as you search. Remember to change your Active Lightbox to the one you want using the drop-down box at the top of the left-hand panel of the search results page, before adding images to it.

Viewing the contents of your lightbox

Once you have added images to your lightbox, you can go to that lightbox by clicking on either the lightbox tab or on the "View xx images in this lightbox" link.
This will take you to your lightbox, displaying all the images you have added.

From your lightbox you can: 

- Delete images from the lightbox which you no longer require for consideration
- Create a new lightbox (you can have as many different lightboxes as you require)
- Rename a lightbox
- Delete a lightbox that you no longer require

When you are ready to request a quote for using images you can add images to your quote request (click on the check box next to each image that you would like to add to your quote request) or (click check all)

Then click on the "Complete Quote Request" button to complete a form specifying how you intend to use the images.